Participatory performance, attendees of the exhibition are invited to join the artist with pillow talk, the encounter is documented by the attendee on social media tagging the artist online. 
  Stand-up Comedy (10mins) based on real dialogue between me and my matches on Tinder. Tinder is a popular location-based dating app.
  Scripted Performance. (8mins)     A text message conversation between two lovers aided with actions of wrapping ropes around the couple’s arms. The female exits the conversation first, hence unwraps the rope , without the knowledge of male. She walks off the view of the audience, while the male speaks on and increasing wrappings around his arm. Eventually, he realised this is no response, he stopped and trying desperately to break free from the wraps. Then walks off the view, leaving the tangle ropes as aftermath. 
IMG_5182 2.jpg
  Instagram post, the statement written with salt on grey gallery floor is exhibited as part of a physical exhibition. The artwork itself though is not the physical writing, but the documentation of it on social media. This piece was intended to look at the increasing broadened definition of a 'gallery' ( such as mobile app ArtStack and social media channels of physical galleries and museums) where audience encounter artwork. Ultimately, asking if quality of an artwork can be measured by numbers of 'share' and 'like' online alone. Is it art or just digital content?
  I approached strangers in the streets of Cambridge to wear the pigeon mask I made and pose a scene of their choice for me.